CELESTRON - PowerTank Lithium

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  • Portable power pack for your computerized Celestron telescope using Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry
  • Powers your telescope for up to 10 hours
  • Smaller, lighter, safer, and easier to maintain than lithium-ion and sealed lead acid designs
  • Up to 2000 charge cycles – four times more than lithium-ion and 7 times more than sealed lead-acid designs
  • Un-recharged shelf life of up to 10 years – 3 times better than lithium-ion and 10 times better than sealed lead-acid designs
  • Environmentally friendly – Does not use toxic heavy metals
  • Battery shuts off automatically when insufficient current flow is detected to prevent you from inadvertently draining your battery

The PowerTank Lithium keeps the charge going for the astronomer on the go. The Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry has significant advantages over other battery chemistries.

- The LiFePO4 has an un-recharged shelf life of 10 years compared to 3 years for the Lithium Iron and 6-9 months for a Sealed Lead-Acid battery.

- The battery performance of the PowerTank Lithium degrades at a much slower pace than other chemistries.

- The LiFePO4 can be charged and discharged 2000 times compared to only 500 for a Lithium Iron battery and 300 for sealed lead-acid designs.

- The batteries will last as long as the telescope you use it with!

- The LiFePO4 uses phosphates instead of environmentally hazardous elements like cobalt or lead commonly found in other rechargeable batteries.

- Can withstand higher temperatures than lithium-iron designs and will not be a fire danger if accidentally punctured.

This combined with it's rugged design make it the perfect outdoor power supply.

Keep your telescopes, smartphones, tablets, GPS systems, cameras and other USB-powered devices as active as you are with PowerTank Lithium—the ideal outdoor portable-charging solution for your electronic gear.


  • Battery Capacity 86.4 Wh
  • Charging Input 16VDC @ 2000mA
  • Charge Time (from flat) 3 hours
  • Telescope Power Port 12VDC @ 3000mA, Tip positive
  • Car Battery Adapter Port None
  • USB Charging Port 1 Output 5VDC @ 1000mA
  • USB Charging Port 2 Output 5VDC @ 2100mA
  • Light Panel Red or White with two brightness settings for each color
  • Weatherproof/Dustproof IP-65 rating
  • Telescope Power Cord 6.5 feet (2 meters) with connector for Celestron telescopes
  • Strap 2" wide hook & loop strap for attachment to tripod leg
  • Product Dimensions 7.5" tall x 3" diameter
  • Product Weight 2.25 lbs
  • Included Items Battery pack| AC mains charger| Power cord for Celestron telescopes| Strap for attaching to tripod| Strap for hanging